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Rewarding Action With Keno Casino Games

Many Platinum Play Casino games have long histories, but none go back further than Keno, which is believed to have originated in Ancient China. Almost as popular with New Zealanders as pokies, it's simple to understand and endlessly fun to play.

Keno, like Scratch Cards falls into the category of Casual Games, which means it can't be classified as pokies or any other typical group of casino games. The pace moves very quickly, and it has a more light-hearted feel to it than classics like Roulette or Blackjack. This also makes it perfect for mobile gaming, when you usually have only a few moments to spare.

How To Play With Us

Like any lottery-style game, the objective in Keno is to choose a set of winning numbers, in this case, from 1 to 80. You can pick up to 15 numbers at a time, and mark them on your virtual ticket. In land-based and live dealer Keno, the winning numerals are on balls, and then drawn from a barrel announced by a Caller.

For our conventional online casino games, the results are created using certified Random Number Generation software. Gorgeous graphics and engaging animations make gameplay even more exciting and enjoyable by showing animated balls hitting the winning numbers.

As an added plus, there is little skill required to play Keno as it is the ultimate game of chance. It’s easy, enjoyable and can be very lucrative too. The more you play, the more you discover what sort of strategy works for you.

Kenos Proud History

The legend goes that General Cheung Leung- of the Imperial Chinese Army- was looking for a new way to fund the constant battles that his troops were expected to engage in. The creative officer designed a lottery game that used the first 100 characters of a classic children's poem, traditionally used to teach children the traditional Chinese alphabet.

Although our casual games use numbers instead of characters, and 80 symbols rather than 100, they retain a lot of the charm of the originals and are just as popular.

In old-world China, Keno proved to be so successful that General Leung had enough money left over to help fund the building of the Great Wall! At Platinum Play Casino, Keno forms an essential part of the online betting NZ players enjoy and is perfect for anyone looking for fast fun and instant results!

Try Your Luck Today

We cannot recommend these casual games highly enough! Keno is action packed and a great way to win big in just a few minutes.

If you would like to see how you enjoy the lottery action for yourself, you can do so right now. Just register your account with us, make your first deposit, claim your impressive Welcome Bonus, and then get going. Choose your own lucky numbers, and then hold your breath to see if you've won.

At Platinum Play we’ve got all kinds of exciting online betting NZ just waiting for you. Discover New Zealand’s best gaming destination and find out if your numbers are the lucky ones!