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If you close your eyes and think of casino games, chances are you picture a Craps table and a pair of dice. For many people, this is the quintessential activity for land-based and online betting NZ enthusiasts. As always, the best place to enjoy this exciting game safely and fairly is at Platinum Play Casino.

Basic Elementals of Craps

Although these are classified as table games, the only equipment absolutely necessary is 2 dice. In fact, so-called Street Craps is still enjoyed as a casual pastime in many parts of the world. It was originally played by farmhands in Louisiana, and adapted from an older European game called Hazard. Being so portable, it was the perfect activity for World War II soldiers, and they introduced it to Las Vegas when they came home!

Like pokies, Roulette and many other games, Craps is based on chance. You need to bet on what the dice will reveal when they are thrown onto the table.

Quintessential Craps Gameplay

In land-based casinos, each player gets a turn to roll the dice and is called the Shooter. Online, the House always acts as the Shooter. Each round has 2 stages, the Come Out and the Point Phase.

In both stages, you bet with, or against the Shooter. In the Come Out Phase, these are called Pass and Don't Pass Bets. Wagering with the Shooter in a Pass Bet means predicting that the next roll will be a 7 or an 11. If you place a Pass Bet and the Shooter wins or loses in these table games, so do you.

The reverse happens if you place a Don't Pass wager against the Shooter. Here, if the dice show any other total besides 7 or 11, you win. This total is established as the Point, and the Point Phase begins with very similar wagers, called Come and Don't Come Bets.

Now if a 7, 11 or either of the 2 Points, the one that was established and another of your choosing, is thrown, the Shooter wins. If the dice show anything else, the Shooter loses. Come Bets win and lose with the Shooter; Don't Come Bets do the opposite.

Discover a World of Winning

The many other wagers in these casino games each have different probabilities. At Platinum Play, the options for online betting NZ have available include Place Win and Place Lose, Buy and Lay, Hardways, Big 6 and Big 8, and Propositions.

Place Win and Place Lose wagers are made after establishing the Point. They say that any number between 4 and 10 except 7 will be rolled next, or that the next total will be 7, respectively. Buy and Lay punts are identical, but have higher payouts and a 5% commission.

Hardways predict the same number will appear on both dice. For example, a Hard 6 means each face will show a 3. Big 6 and Big 8 wagers require you to stake money on any combination making 6 or 8 coming up before 7.

Propositions are ultra-specific, with steep odds and massive potential payouts. As with pokies and Casual Games, greater risk is matched by bigger rewards!

Ready to play? Sign up at Platinum Play and enjoy high-octane dice rolling action with these casino games.